Save Watkins is a collective of Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni of the Watkins College of Art. Our mission is to secure a safe and open environment for Watkins Students to pursue their education. This may manifest as securing the funding to keep the Watkins College of Art open in its current form, working towards a partnership with a different institution, or changing existing policies at Belmont for the benefit of all current and future Watkins students.


Our Story

Watkins College of Art Design and Film was founded in 1885 by Samuel Watkins. It served the community as a place for art, creation, and innovation. Watkins has expanded and experienced many academic and financial shifts.


On January 28, 2020 our current president Joseph Kline announced Watkins College will be "merging" with local Belmont University. This announcement shocked and deeply upset students, faculty and Alumni of Watkins. Transparency is an on going issue. Students and faculty are very concerned about the culture and well being of Watkins students, transferring to a Christian University. Areas of particular concern include LGBTQ+ students safety and acceptance, current Watkins faculty not being able to transfer with students, censorship of work, and a change in curriculum for certain students.


We are Watkins students, faculty, staff, and alumni with an extreme passion for our school, we are dedicated to finding the truth and will continue to update this website.